Welcome to Leicester Islamic Academy

Assalaam Alaikum,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our school website.  Leicester Islamic Academy was founded in 1982, and has a rich history of success for all. Many of our alumni have gone on to be successful in the fields of Medicine, Accountancy, Pharmacy, Teaching, Dentistry and many other professional careers. We offer a friendly, happy Islamic educational setting for your child to thrive in.

We are blessed with well-equipped classrooms that are resourced to provide an ideal environment in which young minds can achieve to the best of their potential. We are situated on a large site, in the leafy area of Stoneygate, Leicester.  We are ideally located near to the main transport routes into Leicester and are in walking distance of the City centre and the Universities. We are fortunate to have a Pre-school Unit, LIA Gems, that provides a caring and nurturing environment from the age of three months to three years.

For Primary school age children from age three in Nursery to age eleven in Year 6, Leicester Islamic Academy provides a stimulating education that allows children to thrive spiritually and reach their full academic potential.  Children end their LIA school journey in Year 6 with excellent academic skills and an Islamic education based on the Quran and the Sunnah.

Our motto is ‘Excellence Everyday’, this is lived out by our wonderful pupils and our dedicated staff team. Our Mission statement is a clear reflection of our values and ethos.  We have an LIA school vision that is based on every child developing a strong deen and growing up to be a responsible British citizen who gives back to society through hard work and service.

To see our vision in practice, come and visit us! We look forward to welcoming to you to our friendly and caring school, Leicester Islamic Academy. Together with you today, we grow the leaders of tomorrow.

Mrs S. Khan

Head Teacher



The Mission

At Leicester Islamic Academy, we strive for excellence in all areas of academic and spiritual development. Through educating, enabling and empowering young people, we are growing the leaders of tomorrow in our school today. The ethos of LIA is based on the principles of Islam through the guidance of the Quran and the Sunnah. We endeavor to provide a journey that fosters true iman in the hearts and minds of our pupils, staff, parents and school community.

The Vision

In Leicester Islamic Academy every child develops a strong DEEN; a school where your child is:

Developing a social and emotional character that is resilient when facing challenges

Educated to achieve to their full academic potential and therefore grow to be a responsible British citizen who gives back to society through hard work and service.

Encouraged to have an enquiring mind and a problem-solving outlook that allows them to achieve success in their chosen path Thus allowing them the ability to serve their family, the Ummah and global society as a 21st Century Muslim

Nurtured to develop a strong Muslim identity that gives them the confidence, beliefs and actions that will lead to success in this life and the hereafter  InshaAllah.

About Us

The Leicester Islamic Academy (LIA) is one of the oldest independent Muslim schools in Britain. It was established in 1981 as an independent Muslim school and started with just seven girls of secondary age. Operating from the first floor of the Jameah Mosque – one of the main mosques in Leicester, it quickly gained support from the local community. The school rapidly grew in popularity and soon needed bigger premises. In 1991 a group of local business people got together and, again with the support of Leicester’s Muslim community, purchased the current premises at 320 London Road. A few years ago, a sports hall, new offices and three new classrooms were added to the school to cater for the rising number of students.

At that time the LIA was providing education for over 700 pupils aged 3 – 18. In 2007, the secondary school was granted Voluntary Aided Status and the secondary boy’ and girls’ school moved into a state of the art school on Evington Valley Road and is called Madani High School & Community Centre.

Currently the LIA has the capacity for over 400 children (boys and girls) from Foundation 1 (Nursery) to Year 6.