• Leicester Islamic Academy is an Islamic school. It should, with the guidance from the Qur’aan Sunnah, foster Islamic teachings and practices.
  • The school is an Islamic community in the fullest sense. Its members will be helped to achieve their ultimate goal – to worship Allah. It is as concerned with the spiritual as with the material.
  • The school is part of the Muslim community as well as the wider society from which its pupils are drawn. We see the school as an integral and formative part of the universal Ummah and we play a positive part in the life of its neighbourhood.
  • The school seeks to free pupils from all prejudice and inculcate in them the universal values of equality and fairness.
  • The school aims to prepare pupils for their lives as adults in an increasingly secular, materialistic and technological world. Its pupils to become capable of carrying the Islamic beliefs, practices and values as enshrined in the Qur’aan and Sunnah into their everyday lives, and they will be equipped with the qualification and skills necessary to discharge their duties as Muslims.
  • All pupils will be provided with a core of religious, social, linguistic, mathematical, scientific, technological. Geographical, political, economical and physical knowledge and skills.