Our Team

Name Position Qualifications Roles and Responsibilities
Mrs. R. Abraham Deputy Head/Year 5 Teacher BSc, BEd, MA (india), QTS SLT, Ethos, KS2 Coordinator, Lead Numeracy
Mrs. F. Sacranie Year 2 Teacher BA (Hons), PGCE, QTS SLT, Ethos, KS1 Coordinator, Lead Literacy, Behaviour support
Mrs. A. Suleman RS Teacher BA (Hons) Learning and Teaching SLT, Ethos, SENCO, PSHE, Lead Behaviour, Trip Coord KS2
Mrs. T. Mohamed EY Coordinator NVQ 3 SLT, Ethos, EY Coordinator, LIA Gems Manager, H & S
Mrs. S. Suleman Business Manager MAAT, CSBM, Studying ACCA SLT, Ethos, HR, H & S, Admin Manager, LIA Gems finance
Mrs. T. Jakhura Year 6 Teacher Bcom, QTS KS2 SATs, PSHE, Charity, Lead G & T
Mrs. R. Razaq Year 6 Teacher BA (Hons), QTS Lead Assessment, Literacy support
Mrs. R. Khan Year 5 Teacher BA (Financial Ec), QTS Lead Co-ordinator Science, Assessment support
Ms. A. Adam Year 4 Teacher BA (Hons), QTS Lead PE, Computing support, Vegetable patch
Mrs. N. Khan Year 3 / 4 Teacher BSc (Hons), QTS Lead Assessment
Mrs H. Hansrod Year 3 Teacher BA (Hons), PGCE Lead Playground Coord G & T support, support Science Coord
Mrs. R. Tariq Year 1/ 2 Teacher MSc Computing, BA (Hons) Learning and Teaching Lead Computing Coordinator, Art
Miss M. Maramba Year 1 Teacher PGCE with QTS Literacy support
Miss A. Qureshi Reception Teacher BA (Hons) Trip Coordinator, Numeracy support, Science support
Miss M. Shrimanker Reception Teacher BA (Hons)
Mrs. S. Adam Nursery Teacher NVQ 3, SENCO Training EY SEN
Mrs. N. Patel Nursery Teacher NVQ 3 Library, House points
Mrs A. Ismail Nursery Teacher NVQ 3 PE Support, Playground support
Ms A. Mohamed Arabic Aalimah Graduate Student Council, Charity, House points, G & T support
Ms A. Surtee Arabic Aalimah Graduate Playground support
Mrs. K. Khan SEN Teacher NVQ 3, SENCO Training Student Council, Reading
Mrs. H. Ismail KS1 TA NVQ 3 House Points, Library, Reading
Ms M. Gulamnabi EY TA NVQ 2 House points, EY Reading
Mr. A. Bhatti Boys’ Mentor (part time)