Teaching and Learning


Excellent teaching gives children the life chances they deserve. Enjoyment is the birthright of every child. The most powerful mix is the one that brings the two together. Children learn better when they are excited and engaged – but what excites them best is truly excellent teaching (Excellence and Enjoyment: A strategy for Primary Schools – Ref 0377/2003).

Excellent teaching is what we are striving towards at Leicester Islamic Academy. This is done through continuously trying to improve our resources, looking at new initiatives, evaluating new strategies and through continuous staff development. This academic year, two teachers have completed their NQT induction year and two further teachers are on the NQT programme and one teacher is undergoing the assessment route only QTS programme. A teacher in the Early Years department is studying for the Early Years Foundation Degree. All office staff have also accessed various relevant training courses. mashaAllah, all in all, from Year 2 onwards, we now have 12 fully qualified teachers on our team. Despite limited resources we are very enterprising, and we empower ourselves through in-house training and through any training which is made available by the LEA. AMS have also provided a lot of relevant training for teachers to take full advantage of as part of their Continued Professional Development (CPD).