Teaching and Learning

At Leicester Islamic Academy, we pride ourselves in upholding our ‘Excellence Everyday’ school motto. This applies to all areas of our work and especially to the area of teaching and learning.


We know that our children deserve the best education and so therefore we focus on providing a stimulating environment that has a clear focus on the highest standards for Literacy and Numeracy. We know that the primary school years provide the foundation for all of your child’s future education, hence we are committed to providing them with the best start in life.


We have highly qualified teachers and teaching assistants that ensure the needs of your child are met. Our teachers receive high quality training throughout the year that ensures they have up to date knowledge and expertise to deliver inspiring lessons.


There is challenge and differentiation in all lessons and variety of teaching methods are used to enthuse young minds. The school has iPads that are used in lessons, a full suite of computers and we are constantly seeking to embrace the use of new technology to deliver the curriculum.


We follow the National Curriculum for England Wales across all key stages and follow nationally recognised standards tests in each key stage. The main subjects studied include; English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Arabic, Computing and Religious Studies. In addition to this, children have cookery lessons, Science Workshops led by external providers and many opportunities to learn though experience from school visits.

We deliver lessons that develop children’s personal, social and emotional well-being because at LIA we understand that happy, well-rounded, and resilient children will be go to be successful adults in the future, InshaAllah.