Working with Parents

The Home School Agreement can be downloaded below:

Home School Agreement 2016-17

We would like to work with parents to create an inclusive whole-school learning environment. We all know that parents, carers and families are the most important influences in children’s’ lives. Parents who play a supportive role in their children’s learning make a huge difference to their achievement, behaviour and attitudes. When parents and school work together, children do well. The better the information that we as a school can provide parents with, the more they can support both the school and their children in learning. We are working to make this even better.

Shared social events help to build stronger relationships, so we would like to encourage parents to be actively involved with the school. We have a number of parents helping in the classrooms and helping with school visits, fundraising and reading.

Please come and talk to us if there is anything you wish to know more about or if your child is experiencing problems. We would much prefer to sort out minor difficulties before they develop into serious problems. Telephone us, write us a note or come into school and we will do our best to help. If we are not informed of difficulties, we cannot help to sort them out.

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