Trustees and Governors

The Trustees of Leicester Islamic Academy


  • Mr Ayub Mahomed – Chair of Trustees
  • Mr MohamedMoin Khote
  • Mr Anwar Patas
  • Mr Abdulhaq Ismail Patel
  • Mr Hussein Suleman
  • Mr Iqbal Desai
  • Dr Mohamed Hussein Mukadam
  • Dr Mohammed Ashraf Makadam

The Governing Body of Leicester Islamic Academy

  • Mr Hussein Suleman – Chair of Governors
  • Mr Ahmed Esat
  • Mr Anwar Patas
  • Mr Khalid Patel
  • Dr Mohammed Ashraf Makadam
  • Mr Zuber Seedat
  • Mr Mussa Hajat
  • Mr Imtiaz Patel
  • Mr Muhummud Yasseen Kaasim